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DJI Inspire 1 X5 Pro Black + Zenmuse XT Thermal DJI Inspire 1 X5 Pro Black + Zenmuse XT Thermal This bundle includes the Inspire 1 Pro X5 Black and a Zenmuse Flir XT Fast Framerate Camera UNLOCK THE POSSIBILITIES OF SIGHT Thermal imaging from the air has never been as easy as it is with the DJI Zenmuse XT. By combining DJI’s unrivaled expertise in gimbal technology and image transmission with the industry leading thermal imaging technology of FLIR, the Zenmuse XT is the ultimate solution for rapid and reliable aerial thermal imaging. Capture faster, with pinpoint precision, over large areas, then save them for analysis and reporting. INTEGRATED THERMAL CAMERA The camera on the DJI Zenmuse XT is developed by FLIR. It provides high-sensitivity (50mK) infrared scanning at 640/30 fps or 336/60 fps depending on the camera model. This sensitivity provides accurate temperature measurements ideal for analytics and telemetry. Both cameras are available with four lens options to meet different business needs. Stabilized and controlled by a custom DJI gimbal, it provides smooth, clear imagery and 360 degrees of seamless rotational movement.   FLIR+DJI=POWERFUL AIRBORNE SOLUTIONS DJI’s Zenmuse gimbal technology has become the industry standard among demanding aerial cinematographers, and everything that makes DJI’s aerial platforms world-class for cinematography also makes them the perfect platforms for aerial thermal imaging: they’re stable, easy to fly, and fully-integrated with apps. When you get right down to it, the main purpose of any drone is to position a sensor in three-dimensional space; when that sensor is a FLIR thermal imager, you expand the possibilities for drone operators and thermal inspectors alike. Using FLIR thermal imaging from small drones brings new capabilities to dozens of applications like search and rescue, the inspection of power lines, cell towers, bridges, substations, and buildings, firefighting, precision agriculture, and natural resource and wildlife protection. See the unseen. FLIR cameras reveal details invisible to the naked eye by making subtle differences in temperature visible. This new view on the world can reveal when equipment or buildings are damaged, the location of lost people and much more. Applications like: Search and rescue Precision agriculture Roof inspections Power line inspections Firefighting Substation inspections Cell tower inspections Security Surveying And anything else you can dream up   IMAGE ENHANCEMENT SOFTWARE Infra-red imagery requires optimization to ensure maximum definition for capturing information. The Zenmuse XT features a suite of image enhancements designed by FLIR including Digital Detail Enhancement™ (DDE); Smart Scene Optimization™ (SSO), which enhances extremes in bi-modal scenes; Active Contrast Enhancement™ (ACE) that adjusts scene contrast relative to its temperature difference; and Information Based HEQ™ (IBHEQ) which compresses complex image data to create the best quality image.       FINGERTIP CONTROL The Zenmuse XT can be controlled completely through the DJI GO app, providing a real-time, low latency view of what the camera sees, and instant access to core camera functions including: Spot metering, temperature measurement at the mid-point Digital zoom Single or interval shooting modes Photo, video preview and download Take photos while recording video Various camera settings and parameters including: - Palette, also referred to as Look-up Table (LUT) - Scene, also referred to as Automatic Gain Correction (AGC) - Region of Interest (ROI) - Isotherm mode     MISSION READY Mounted on either the Inspire 1 or the Matrice 100, the Zenmuse XT is ready to launch in seconds. Its seamless integration gives you access to important features like DJI’s powerful Lightbridge video transmission system, automated Point of Interest, Course and Home Lock, Follow Me, and the DJI SDK. Fast, efficient, yet stable airframes, the Inspire 1 will keep the Zenmuse XT aloft for 22 minutes. If used with the Matrice 100, the Zenmuse XT can stay in flight for up to 35 minutes*, ideal for large scale inspections and especially useful in search and rescue scenarios. *Inspire 1: Flight times vary based on flight conditions, with a maximum 22 minute flight time being recorded when hovering with a TB48 battery using the Zenmuse XT gimbal camera. *M100: Flight times vary based on payload and flight conditions, with a maximum 35 minute flight time being recorded when hovering with dual TB48D batteries and no additional payload other than a Zenmuse XT gimbal camera.       The DJI Inspire 1 Pro Black Edition takes the bright, white shell and remote control of the Inspire 1 and transforms them into black. Inspired by high-end film making equipment the world over and also its cousins the DJI Ronin and Ronin-M, this new look adds style and gravitas to the already head turning Inspire 1 and allows it to fit in neatly on a film set. Ready-to-fly aerial system Included professional 4K camera and 3-axis stabilization gimbal Live, wireless HD video transmission via DJI Lightbridge Dedicated remote with flight and camera controls Powerful app to adjust camera settings, edit videos, and more Vision Positioning system for GPS-free or indoor flight Perfect for high-level shoots and professional sets INTELLIGENT FLIGHT MODES Various intelligent flight modes are available that help make some of the must difficult shots achievable by everyone. These include: POINT OF INTEREST Select a location or object to focus on, and your Inspire 1 Pro and Inspire 1 RAW will continuously face it as you fly, or circle around it automatically. WAYPOINTS Plan flight paths and your Inspire 1 Pro and Inspire 1 RAW will fly autonomously on your pre-set route, letting you focus on the camera. COURSE LOCK By activating Course Lock, the controls will be set to relative to your aircraft's current path. This easy navigation allows you to fly in a set direction as you fly alongside moving objects or across scenes. HOME LOCK Fix your controls to be relative to the Home Point. Easily pull back on the control stick to bring the aircraft back home, or push forward to fly farther away, no matter which way it is facing.
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DJI Inspire 1 X5 Pro Black + Zenmuse XT Thermal
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DJI Matrice 100 + Thermal Flir XT336 DJI Matrice 100 + Thermal Flir XT336 This bundle includes:     Matrice 100 Flying Platform     Guidance Visual Sensing System     Flir XT 336 Camera(Choice of Lens)     Part 1 Guidance Connector     Part 2 Gimbal Kit     Part 3 Extra Battery Kit     Qty 2 Matrice TB48 Batteries   Expansion Bays Additional expansion bays allow you to add components, customize the payload, and fly with any devices you want. Put cameras, sensors, computing boards, communication tools, and more into the sky, and gather data while completing complex jobs from a birds‐eye view. Universal Power and Communication Ports Plug in and fly with almost any device, and transmit data via the Matrice 100’s dual CAN and UART ports. There are two of each port on your platform, enabling you to mount and build a system that matches your needs. Dual Battery Compartments Add an additional battery compartment to achieve up to 40 minutes* of flight time. This gives greater power to both your platform and any additional devices or accessories that you wish to fly with. *Flight times vary based on payload and flight conditions, and the maximum 40 minute flight time tested when hovering with dual TB48D batteries and no additional payload. Customizable Mounting and Balancing Achieve perfect balance and an ideal flight experience by sliding the battery and other compartments around the body of your Matrice 100. Put your components exactly where you want them, and get the most out of your system. Adjustable Arm Angle for Greater Torque Flexible to match your flight needs, adjusting the arm angle of each of the 4 arms is quick and easy. Achieve increased yaw torque and greater response by tilting the arms to a 3 degree angle. 50% Less Vibrations, Rigid, Strong System To reduce vibrations, increase stiffness, and bring unmatched reliability, your Matrice 100 is made of strong, lightweight carbon fiber. Each of the arms contains DJI’s new soft vibration absorbing material that virtually eliminates feedback from the powerful motors, keeping your critical components stable and allowing unprecedented accuracy. Responsive, Quick Release Landing Pads Innovative landing pads or "feet” are installed at the base of each arm to protect your Matrice 100 when landing. These pads greatly reduce impact, protecting your system and eliminating the chance of your platform unintentionally lifting off of the ground. Also easy and quick to remove for replacement or upgrades. Dedicated Remote Controller Take control of your platform with the customizable, long‐range remote controller included with the Matrice 100. With an operating distance of up to 1.2 miles* (2km), a rechargeable battery, fully adjustable controls, and outputs to connect to your mobile device, this is the perfect tool to command your system in the air. *Maximum range tested in open areas free of interference and may vary depending on local regulations. Full Mobile App Support Fly with the feature‐rich DJI Pilot app or create your own app with the DJI SDK. See a live view, control your devices, access a real‐time map, and more by simply plugging in your tablet or smartphone. Enhanced GPS Enhanced GPS with a foldable mount helps you to track your Matrice 100’s position in real time, while enabling faster satellite acquisition, more accurate position holding and flight planning. Upgraded Flight Controller and Integrated Lightbridge DJI’s new N1 flight controller keeps your Matrice 100 stable and responsive to your commands throughout every flight. Transmitting data to you and bringing a live HD view (when using DJI’s X5 Camera and gimbal), the included DJI Lightbridge increases your flight range to 1.2 miles* (2km). *Maximum range tested in open areas free of interference and may vary depending on local regulations. Purpose‐Built Propulsion System An upgraded version of the respected DJI E800 electric propulsion system powers your Matrice 100 and keeps it in flight. Four powerful, brushless motors and four lightning fast Electronic Speed Controllers are integrated into the platform, giving you complete control during flight. With increased strength and payload capacity, you have the flexibility to create the system you need.
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DJI Matrice 200 DJI Matrice 200 MATRICE 200 SÉRIES - Construído para Resistir. Projetado para Adaptar Link do fabricante:   Nova linha DJI Matrice 200 (M200), drones dobráveis, resistentes à água e a interferências magnéticas, e com até 35 minutos de autonomia de voo, uma evolução para as áreas de inspeções industriais, prediais e de linhas de transmissão, assim como operações de vigilância e de salvamento e resgate, entre outras aplicações. Construído para Resistir Motores de alto desempenho emparelhados com hélices de 17 polegadas garantem vôo estável em ventos fortes. O novo sistema de alimentação de duas baterias aquece automaticamente as baterias quando voam em temperaturas inferiores a zero, enquanto um design fechado garante condições climáticas e resistência à água, para que você possa voar em uma ampla gama de ambientes. "Com a Série M200, a DJI apresenta una solução integral projetada especificamente para tornar possível o uso de variadas combinações de sensores avançados, e que fazem tarefas complexas –como a inspeção de pontes, o mapeamento de terrenos e missões de busca e salvamento– ficarem mais fáceis, seguras e confiáveis do que jamais visto antes;  a DJI está revolucionando os fluxos de trabalhos profissionais” ALCANCE DE OPERAÇÃO   7 Km MAX HORA DE VÔO 38 Min VEDAÇÃO DE ENTRADA IP43 Nível CAPACIDADE PAYLOAD MAX. 2 kGS   A Série M200 é compatível com câmeras X4S e X5S, além da Z30 com zoom Z30 e a XT para obtenção de imagens térmicas. DJI informou que seu novo drone possui câmera frontal para visão em primeira pessoa, que permite a um piloto e a um cinegrafista supervisionarem simultaneamente diferentes perspectivas com controles remotos independentes. Seus sistemas próprios para a segurança de voo incluem sensores de detecção frontal, superior e inferior, além de um receptor ADS-B para obter informação de tráfego aéreo proporcionada por aeronaves tripuladas que estejam próximas. Munida de dupla bateria, a plataforma M200 pode voar até 35 minutos com uma câmera acoplada. Versões Standard e Pro A série M200 vem em três versões. O M200 padrão é equipado com uma montagem do gimbal virada para baixo. Já o M210 abre-se para várias configurações de carga útil – uma única montagem de gimbal voltada para baixo, dois paralelos virados para baixo ou uma montagem virada para cima. O M210 possui portas de conectividade adicionais para suportar sensores e acessórios de terceiros, e tem a capacidade de suportar sensores adicionais no futuro e carga adicional pode ser montada em cima da aeronave. Por sua vez, o M210 RTK está disponível com módulos D-RTK para navegação de precisão centimétrica. Segurança e confiabilidade Com uma classificação IP43, a série M200 é construída para suportar ambientes adversos. A aeronave está equipada com mais de 20 sensores internos para máxima redundância e confiabilidade, incluindo bússola, sistema GPS, unidades duplas de medição  de inércia (IMUs) e três barômetros. Os controladores do gimbal foram integrados ao corpo da aeronave para proteção e para evitar deriva. A aeronave possui dois sistemas de visão estéreo, abaixo e na frente da aeronave, e tem um sensor infravermelho virado para cima para evitar obstáculos. Um sistema de bateria redundante melhora a segurança e também permite que a embarcação permaneça recebendo energia enquanto as baterias são trocadas em sequência. A série M200 inclui o DJI AirSense, um receptor ADS-B integrado que aumenta a segurança do espaço aéreo, fornecendo automaticamente ao operador informações em tempo real sobre a posição, altitude e velocidade de aeronaves tripuladas próximas equipadas com transmissores ADS-B. O AirSense permite um uso mais seguro e eficiente do espaço aéreo, particularmente em locais onde outras aeronaves – tripuladas ou não – podem estar operando. A série M200 também é equipada com um controlador de voo integrado, com duas IMUs e uma unidade GNSS, com sistemas adicionais de redundância analítica. Trabalhando junto com algoritmos avançados de diagnóstico, pode facilmente mudar de um IMU para o outro para manter a confiabilidade e precisão. Gestão de Voo Além da aplicação DJI GO 4, a série M200 suporta o novo aplicativo DJI Pilot, projetado especificamente para usuários corporativos, otimizando a experiência do usuário e o desempenho do voo. Os usuários também podem planejar voos através do aplicativo GSI da DJI, que usa uma interface concisa para estabelecer missões de voo complexas com apenas alguns toques. A série M200 é compatível com o Mobile and Onboard Software Development Kit (SDK) da DJI, permitindo que os programadores construam soluções personalizadas para planejamento de voo, coleta de dados e análise. Recursos de Voo Inteligentes A visão de computador da série M200 permite modos de vôo inteligentes para ajudar na coleta de dados. Esses recursos estão disponíveis para vários sensores DJI, permitindo fotos avançadas, como o zoom durante o rastreamento de um objeto: • Spotlight – para bloquear a câmera em um objeto durante o voo, enquanto a aeronave se move livremente • Ponto de Interesse – circular em torno de um objeto, para obter uma órbita suave • Tripé – para ajustar a posição e o ângulo para enquadramento de posição e navegação segura em ambientes estreitos • ActiveTrack – para seguir uma pessoa ou um objeto ao mantê-lo no frame O M200, o M210 eo M210 RTK estão disponíveis para pré-encomenda a partir de concessionários oficiais da DJI Enterprise e começarão a ser comercializados no segundo trimestre de 2017. Os detalhes de preços e informações sobre onde comprar a série M200 serão anunciados oportunamente. Para obter mais informações sobre a série M200, consulte aqui:  
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DJI Matrice 600 + Zenmuse Z3 Zoom + XT Thermal DJI Matrice 600 + Zenmuse Z3 Zoom + XT Thermal IN THE BOX:
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